About Us

All Stars Skills Facility Inc. established this facility with the goal of providing all players and/or teams, young and adult, with quality equipment and training aids to develop their Baseball or Softball skills in a safe, clean & comfortable environment that will help them reach their individual and/or team goals.

As parents and part time coaches we tried to put together a facility that would satisfy the needs of coaches and players as well as parents and spectators who want to watch their players train and progress through their training. We will provide coaches and players with as much training area and training aids such as Tees, Mounds, Machines, etc., as possible while at the same time maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for parents and spectators who want to watch.

We welcome everyone to come in and try this facility for their training needs whether that is Hitting, Pitching or Fielding give All Stars Skills Facility the opportunity to provide you with our best service.


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