Rosendo RJ Haro- Owner/Director/Coach
Specialties- Pitching/outfield play/infield play

  • Played high school varsity baseball @ La Sierra 1990-91
  • High school team MVP 1991
  • Selected and played in the Riverside County Senior ALL-STAR GAMES 1991 
  • Played collegiate baseball @ San Bernardino Valley College 1993-94 
  • Played collegiate baseball @ Cal State San Bernardino 1995
  • Cal State San Bernardino Alumni 2007
  • Degree in Kinesiology w/ a concentration in Coaching/Pedagogy (BS)
  • Played Professional baseball of the Frontier League 1998 (Independent League)
    • JohnstownJohnnies                  Johnstown, PA
    • RichmondRoosters                  Richmond,IN


  • ABD Baseball school       1993-97
  • Santiago High School       2001-02                                       
  • Ramona High School       2002-03                 
  • Private Trainer 2003- Present
  • Fielder’s Choice Baseball Academy-President-Director-Head Coach 2011-Present
  • Citrus Hills High School  2012-Present

Abidan Padilla : Manager / Head Coach

Abidan Padilla
Softball Hitting/Pitching Instructor
Phone: 951-742-6576

Has a 7 year travel ball experience with  strong leadership both on the field and at work on a daily basis, Abidan continues to strive for the future of young players by providing direction and opportunity to reach each student athlete’s gold’s!
“No one can do the minimum and reach their maximum potential”
“Work harder the next day every day and it’s all possible”